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Couple drinking waterA Health Body Is Our Businss
In Cosmic Sui, It’s About Loving. We care for your health to share with you the latest water filtration system

Our products have gone through many years of research and development, to bring to you the technology of water filtration. We also believe in keeping the cost klow to bring value for money to your health care. Check out our product in our website and contact us today!

Being in this business, we have worked with researchers from Korea with leading technology and intensive QC, before the system is brought to your home. With over 10 years in business, we can tell you we know what we are doing. Cosmic Sui is able to provide the best at the value that is acceptable to most family around the world.

Featured Products

The popular alkaline water system with 4 stages of filtration

Features: GS-2000G can be used in two different types according to installation environment; Under sink and counter-top Silver circle over the exterior design is a symbolic expression that supplies valuable and clean water. Eco-friendly system, noiseless and no electric power required.

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CS-1000T Tap Filter
One tap filter that filters all the water that you use for your home or office

The ceramic filter accuracy 0.2-0.5 Micron, removes micro-particulare contaminants, sludge and rust. The coconut charcoal removes chlorine, rust heavy metals and other chemical contaminants. The energy beads, energise and break up water cluster into smaller molecular clusters.

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Water Filteration
Piping system with 4-stage filtration system – Available in Hot & Cold Water.

This is quite good for home or offices. As it comes in free standing type or counter-type. This module has a special features such as Special LED lamping making vivid heating/cooling status, Luxury and exquisite taps with child safety lock, SUS 304 Stretched heating/cold tank. It also comes with a 0.7 mm side panel.

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Water Ionizer
Good grade of platinum & Titanium Plates. It also minimize the State by Electricity Consumption as Increasing of Energy Efficiency.

Automatic cleaning increases life span of electrode. Comes with LCD Colour display, that has voice volume, remaining filter. It uses display, PH selection, Feed Water volume Controller Icon, Auto Water Flow and more. Everything is east and convenient, just One Touch! It has Intensive Electrolyte that prevent scaling precipitation.

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