CS-ION7000 Black Colour Water Ionizer

Volume Generated: 0.53 – 0.79 gallon/min

Cleaning Method: Automatic Cleaning System

Weight: 14.33 Ib (6.5kg)

Compound Filter
K-007-compound filter

  • Good grade of platinum & Titanium Plates
  • Minimize The State By Electricity Consumption:
    Increasing of energy efficiency
  • Automatic Clearning: Increase life span of electrode
  • LCD Color Display: Voice Volume, Remaining Filter
  • Use Display, pH selection, Feed Water Volume, Controller Icon, Auto Water Flow
  • Voice Guidance
  • Easy & Convenience: Just ONE TOUCH
  • Intensive Electrolyzer: Prevent scaling precipitation phonomenon
  • 7 type of various of water qualities are available through selection


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